Professional Maternity Photography in Cape Town

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In the last few years, the demand for maternity photography in Cape Town has grown, and expectant mothers can get memorable, amazing photos to capture the experience. Maternity photography, as incredible as it is, comes with unique challenges; your mood, lighting, clothing and posing choices all play a role. To ensure that your maternity photos come out beautifully, follow the easy tips given below.

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  • Tell the photographer how far along your pregnancy has progressed. Generally, the best time to have a maternity photo shoot is around the seventh month; most moms feel their best around that time, and that’s when your “baby bump” is really starting to become obvious.

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  • Treat yourself to a professional makeup application, or do your own makeup prior to your photo shoot. The right makeup can make you look great, even if you’re not feeling it!
  • Be patient with your photographer; she may need to do some experimentation to find the most flattering angle.

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  • If you’ve invited the photographer into your home, ensure that the shooting area is free of clutter. The bedroom and the living room are great choices, as long as there’s a window to let in some natural light.

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  • The use of props like baby booties and blankets can add some fun and visual interest to the photos. Your photographer will help you choose props that will add a personal touch.

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  • The best-looking photos are done in color. Some couples go with a monochromatic scheme, but you can always convert color photos to black and white later. Your photographer will take shots that’ll look great, no matter which color scheme you choose.

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As is true with any other artistic occupation, professional maternity photographers can get into a creative rut. That’s why these photos all tend to look similar, with people and props adding subtle differences. When it comes to pregnancy photos, your maternity photographer in Cape Town should experiment with makeup styles, poses, colors and camera angles. If you’re feeling tired or insecure, talk to your photographer – she’ll give you a break, and then she’ll help you through the process.




Choosing your wedding season

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As soon as that pretty ring finds a home on your left ring finger, the most important decision poses… When will our wedding take place?  Seasons play a major role in theme, wedding dress, menu, venue and more; so here are a few pros and cons for each season to help you decide…

  1. Winter



  • Theme: Embrace the winter wonderland theme, with the beautiful white and cosy decor. Make it warm and romantic with a fireplace, candles, chandeliers, anything you wish.
  • Menu: Greet your guests with a hot mug of hot chocolate to get them in the season’ mood. Think soup starters, meaty entrées and delicious hot deserts.
  • Venue: Take advantage of the affordable venues and wedding vendors as winter tends to be off-season.
  • Honeymoon: Snuggle up with your partner at a hot springs spa hotel, with a furry blanket in front of a fireplace. Hmmmm.


  • Weather: Winter weather can be very unpredictable and may cause some guests to not pitch.
  • Venue: You are restricted to indoor venues; you don’t want guests worrying about their fancy outfits getting drained or dirty, and hairdos getting untidy.
  1. Spring

spring 1



  • Theme: Spring gives you the opportunity to choose between beautiful soft, blush or bright colours and blooming flowers of spring.
  • Weather: It’s not too hot, nor too cold, but just perfect! You can choose between indoors and outdoors to hold your wedding. You now also have a wide range of wedding dress designs to choose from.
  • Photography: This is the perfect season for your wedding photos. Lighting is not too harsh and you get to take advantage of the beautiful nature backdrops.
  • Menu: Spring brings many fruits and vegetables to season which you can incorporate into your menu.


  • Allergies: Spring means lots of pollen, which may cause many guests, and even yourself to have the sniffles.
  • Peak season: With peak season, come peak prices and many other events. Guests may have other weddings or evens to attend to.
  1. Summer


summer 1


  • Weather: Beautiful weather and more sunlight mean longer days for a longer celebration. Warm evening for evening celebrations.
  • Venue: Perfect for outdoor weddings, think beach and garden weddings.
  • Menu: People generally don’t each much in the heat of summer so think of colourful and tasty cocktails, cold deserts, fruit platters, and bite size foods.


  • Holiday season: Summer is the time for many people to go on vacation with their families and friends, meaning many guests won’t be in town to attend your wedding.
  • Weather: The heat may cause you to feel uncomfortable in your wedding attire and makeup may smudge.
  • Honeymoon: Summer is vacation season which may mean that hotel rates may be much higher than usual.
  1. Autumn



  • Theme: Take advantage of the changing colours of leaves, beautiful rustic colours can make for stunning backdrops.
  • Weather: Weather is predictable, with warm afternoons and chilled evenings, this is easy to accommodate for. You also have a wide range of wedding attire to choose from.
  • Photography: This is another perfect season for your wedding photos. Lighting is soft and beautiful and you get to take advantage of the beautiful natural colours of autumn.
  • Venue: It is off-season for most wedding venues and venue, so you get to pick and choose your favourite without the worry of it being fully booked. You also get off-season prices which is a major bonus.


    • There aren’t many cons to this season other than pockets being empty due to holiday season before this and people now going back to work and school.

I hope this helps you in the process of decision making. Thank you for reading

Photography spots Cape Town

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The most frequently asked question as a photographer is “what are the nicest places to shoot that other people haven’t over done yet?” hence the long hours sitting thinking, researching and looking for new and unique places to shoot.

Every day as I drive from place to place I notice places others usually would just pass by and think to myself, “why has other photographers not used that location yet?” So I decided to start documenting each and every beautiful place I come along that others have never thought of using.

So today as number one I bring to you Milnerton Riding Club. Beautiful horse stables with the friendliest of people to assist you.